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Criminal Law

Parole in Germany

Qualifying for probation can be achieved if after serving 2/3 of the sentence.

In case of sentences up to one year a convict sentenced for the first time will, in most cases, be put on probation. The court is entitled to put a young convict on probation also in cases of sentences of between one and two years, but it must be assured, that the enforcement of the sentence is needed to influence the future development of the sentenced.

During a probation period a convict can be assigned to a probation officer. The tasks of a probation officer are supervision, guidance and assistance. The court will provide guidelines that will describe the degree of the supervision, for example the frequency of the reports, the reports regard the offender´s process in between. Every violation leads to the examination of the original prognosis by the court, a court hearing with the probation judge can follow. The court can order an execution of the sentence or the lengthening of the probation time.

The court can impose amend payments for the victim, the partaking in an addiction program etc.